Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1 What is the mileage of our engines and transmission?
  Regardless of what rumors you might have heard, we don't know and if any of our competitors quote you a mileage, their story is not true. The 40,000 mile theory is originated by the rigid Japanese car inspection system. The average Japanese drives its car about 50% less than the average American.


Question 2 What kind of our engines?
  Our engines are sold as complete "Long Block" assemblies. All the external components from your engine must be used on our engines.


Question 3 What about warranties?
  Our engines have 6 month unlimited mileage and transmissions have 60 days unlimited mileage warranty. Warranty will not cover labor and any incidental expenses.


Question 4 Are your engines smog legal?
  Yes. Our engines are legal for all 50 states.


Question 5 Do you install engines and transmissions?
  Yes. Installation is available at Southern California.


Question 6 What about warranties?
  See our warranty Information