Installation Guide


Failure to follow this installation guide will void your warranty


  1. Engines must be installed, maintained, or adjusted by a qualified technician.
  2. Installer must switch over all external accessories, including the intake, exhaust manifolds and sensors.
    (Note: Use only the long block! Never use anything that came with the engine except the head and the block.)
  3. Always have a rod out service done on your radiator by a radiator shop, after you have run the engine, not a flush, but a rod out.
    There is no exception on this! Failure to follow procedures may damage your cooling system.
  4. Always replace the following parts with new ones:
      • Sparkplugs
      • Thermostat and water pump
      • Timing belt and timing belt pensioner
      • Camshaft seals
      • Front and rear main seals
      • Oil and oil filter
      • Water and oil sending units
      • PCV valve
      • Gaskets (oil, pan, intake, exhaust, and etc…)
      • Changing over these parts will benefit you and your customer.
  5. Always prime the engine with motor oil first before starting.
       This will reduce initial wear start up on the motor.

Before installing!!!!

Please!! Visually inspect if a heat tab has been placed on the engine. To protect us from overheated engines heart tabs are attached to the motors…If a heat tab is not found on the block of the engine, please, notify MAKOTOAUTOPARTS CORP. A.S.A.P.

**Warranty covers an exchange of engine only and does not cover labor and any incidental expenses (towing, car rental, side road service and time.)**

NOTE: Warranty will not cover:

  1. Overheated engines w/melted heat tabs.
  2. Bent valves usually caused by broken timing belt or improperly installed timing belt.
  3. Running the engine without engine oil.

If you have any questions regarding our warranty and installation, please contact MAKOTOAUTOPARTS CORP., at 1-310-930-7436 or you can find this information on back of our invoice.

  1. Use New or Rebuilt Torque Converter with the replacement transmission.
  2. Fill up the Torque Converter with transmission fluid before installation
  3. Make sure the differential is also filled up with the right type of oil (very important).
  4. Have your oil cooler flushed or service to remove any metal or clutch particles in the system.